About Us

Who We Are

Little Valley Happenings is the brainchild of a group of Little Valley residents, known as the Friends of Little Valley. We're a bunch of scrappy volunteers looking to only improve and enhance what living in Little Valley is all about! We're proud of our community here and are hoping to spread the positive vibes about being involved! If you're looking to hop aboard the vibe train, we've got plenty of seats to spare for those excited to help!

What We Do

What don't we do is the better question! We're organizing, arranging, and inventing new ways for our community to enjoy being in Little Valley! We hope to provide activities and events for all ages and groups in partnership with the Friends of Little Valley. We aren't only limited to gatherings and events; we'll aim to bring you the latest news, buzz, and upcoming goings-on in and around Little Valley. After all, we're all about what's happenin', captain.

How We Do

We're solely a volunteer-run organization. With hardy souls and callused hands, we hope to get by with a little help from our friends, the Friends of Little Valley that is! Little Valley Happenings is operating through donations, fundraisers, and community involvement which means the more support and excitement we receive, the more we'll be able to provide in return!

Why We Do

Who doesn't love living in a village that cares about their neighbors and local businesses?

We want to promote everything that makes Little Valley great and do our best to provide exciting events, accomplishments, and news so that we can all share in our village's success! At the end of the day, we're just aiming to improve life in Little Valley and sure, we're over two-hundred years old, but we're thriving and here for two-hundred more.